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Now a days anger management has become a big business. So many seminars, lectures, panel discussions and conferences are being organised on this particular topic. It appears that the whole society is under great fear of anger. It appears that the world has become the enemy of anger and want to destroy this highly misinterpreted, blamed and innate natural emotion of anger.

I am saying this because I am seeing the great prejudice of mankind for anger. I am agree that uncontrolled anger has given mankind thousands of wars. I know that man is killing man under spell of anger. But remember every coin has two sides, so is the anger. Mankind has mostly used the anger as a destructive force, though the anger has got high constructive power, anger is just the energy, now it is up to you in which direction you want to channelize this big energy. But enmity towards anger has distorted your vision, you are not able to understand it or recognize it. That is why you fear it, your ignorance has become your fear.

Even the word anger management is a neutral word, you have to learn the tips and techniques to manage it or control it and use the energy of anger in construction in place of destruction. But for that you have to understand the whole process and reasons of its generation and the sign and symptoms of its presence.


When your desires remain unmet you become either frustrated or hopeless. Now this frustration / hopelessness mostly develops in to anger, anger towards others or anger towards himself. If you do not properly channelize the anger, it transform in to grudge. And if you keep on suppressing the anger you starts to accumulate it and help it to transform in to evil with destructive property only.


All the great and good revolution of mankind is also due to initial anger of one person but that one person has sublimed his anger in a constructive way and this sublimation or appropriate use of anger has changed this world. Many dead cultures and traditions have been condemned and destroyed by use of anger in appropriate way by some great and liberal person only (Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx and many more have proved that the anger can be used in constructive and miraculous way too).