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People have become obsessed of winning and winning repeatedly. I come across many people; they are students, parents, teachers and motivational gurus. They are constantly busy in business of teaching winning or learning winning.

Why they are so obsessed about winning?

No one is ready to tolerate or accept failure.

Is it possible to understand and learn winning without knowing the failure?

How a person will really able to taste the complete dimension of winning if he does not know the feeling of failure?

Modern world is not ready to think completely, they are in hurry, they are running fast, they want to achieve. They want to achieve what so called famous personalities have achieved and most of these achievements are related to physical empowerment (e.g. money, big houses, costly clothes). Achieve the things faster, faster than other and one who achieves faster becomes the role model for rest of the people. We are not able to see the darkness hidden behind the lime light. We are not able to sense the intense emptiness and loneliness hidden behind the glamor. We have lost the power of rational thinking and regressing to the place from where we have started our great journey of becoming human. Today we are ready to get influenced just by money. We are ready to worship those who have money in their pockets. Money has become the greatest motivator of all the time in history.

Today all the definition of winning or becoming successful has been distorted completely and strongly correlated with one’s buying capacity or social status. We are becoming other-oriented with every passing day.

This process of becoming successful is making us insensitive and killing the compassion of man. Today we want to win and win only; we are ready to bear any cost for it. We want to see ourselves as successful. We are in greatest thirst of praise, we may live without food but we are not ready to live without compliments of others. We do not want to listen own inner voice but not ready to miss any single gossip of others related to us.

I would politely and with all the heart like to say this that win or lose is just the two sides of a single coin. They are incomplete without each other. Their identities are interdependent. There is need of both for the existence of both. Beside this if anyone is teaching you to win and win only, ask him a sincere question that have he never lose?

If he has seen failure even once in his life, why he is not telling his experiences and coping mechanism.

Remember the ultimate truth and undeniable fact that we are going to lose everything we have achieved in our life at last. This is really important to learn the art of winning but the more important lesson we can learn is to transform every failure into winning. One can never fail if he denies the failure and conduct himself properly and patiently till he wins.

Remember god has given you every possible power, now you must have to realize and use it conscientiously.

You all are winner in his eyes. You all are same in his eyes. He is free from all the illness you have. He will not discriminate anyone of you in the way you discriminate.

You are a traveler you will go through good and bad roads, you will have to see the extreme of seasons. You will feel good and bad at times. You must not forget one thing ever that the law of nature is to change constantly.

Nothing is permanent and you and your condition is not an exception of this divine rule.

Enjoy every bit of life, no matter what you are going through and that is how he wants you to behave.

You must say loudly in your every prayer: God thank you for everything you have given me. Thank you for the flowers and for the thorns too.