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Myths About Psychiatry / FAQ

Peoples usually have fear to consult to a psychiatrist. There are many myths are present in our society about psychiatic coditions and psychiatrists. Some myths are present in form of deep rooted socio-cultural stigma.

Some major myths and myth-busters are presented in the form of FAQs.

If I consult to a phychiatrist, people will say I have gone mad.

Consult Your Psychiatrist If

Awareness about a few common symptoms of psychiatric illneses, and their early recognition is the cornerstone to the long term well being.

This section highlights a short list of symptoms of mentall illness. If you or any of your relative or friend is experiencing these symptom / symptoms for more than 15 days, consultation with the psychiatrist is advised.

Common Psychiatric Disorders

Some common psychiatric disorders and their general presentations are discussed in this section.

Note : The contents are for educational purpose only. Readers discrition, and if required, consultation with a psychiatrist is advised.


Short manuscript on various day-to-day issues and their management.

Exam Phobia

Anger Management

Win or Lose : Your Own Choice


This section contains short videos relate to psychiatric disease, mental or behavior disorders and/or their management.